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The IHK-certified investigators of our private detective and corporate detective agency in Dessau-Rosslau help private clients to solve cases: perhaps, you suspect your partner or spouse of infidelity, of mistreating your child or of child maintenance fraud? We also support companies in investigating corporate crimes, for example, internal espionage, or to monitor suspicious employees: +49 345 2194 0000.


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Discreet investigations in private matters

Our private detectives often investigate on behalf of a spouse, a parent or an ex-partner and monitor individual suspects in Dessau-Rosslau (82,919 inhabitants, number from 2015) Many cases require us to monitor a possibly cheating partner and to prove or to eliminate the suspicion, or we check if the ex-partner pursues a non-registered job in order to benefit illegitimately from a false financial statement during the child maintenance calculations. Further, we help our clients to solve burglary crimes and to identify the offender, the same accounts for cases of stalking and other prosecutable delicts.


We will gladly inform you in a non-binding interview about our wide range of private investigations executed in the UNESCO World Heritage city and advise you on case-specific options for your personal matter. Please, use our contact form for your request, free of charge, or give our detective agency in Dessau-Rosslau a call on the above-mentioned number.

Bauhaus; detective agency Dessau-Roßlau, private investigator Dessau-Roßlau, investigation firm
The Bauhaus Dessau is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The issues of small and medium-sized businesses | Corporate detectives in Dessau-Rosslau

Dessau-Rosslau is one of the three regional centres in Saxony-Anhalt. In 2014, approximately 42,700 employees pursued their profession here. The major economic sectors are mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing in the industrial sector and communication industry and retail in the service sector. Companies established here are predominantly of small or medium size. The biggest representatives include the Deutsche Bahn Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH Werk Dessau (maintenance and repair of rail vehicles and components), the Worldwide Link GmbH (financials), the IDT Biologika GmbH (biotechnology) and the FTD Fahrzeugtechnik Bahnen Dessau GmbH (developing, designing and manufacturing of rail vehicles). 


No matter if a big or a small business is concerned, the manufacturing or the service sector – third parties, as well as employees, frequently cause damage to the disadvantage of a company. Eavesdropping operations, unfair competition, burglary, false claims for wages, fraudulent sick leave, bribery or additional occupations that were not agreed on – all of these do not only cause financial damage but, in addition, can do considerable damage to the reputation of the company. Confidentiality and discretion are a given for our experienced private investigators in Dessau-Rosslau. For a fair fee, we will investigate in above-mentioned case constellations and many more, and acquire proof that will stand up in court. Please, send us your request per email to or give us a call: +49 345 2194 0000. 

Residenzschloss Dessau-Roßlau; private detective Dessau-Roßlau, investigation company Dessau
The Johannbau is the last preserved and much-restored part of the Dessauer Residenzschloss (City Castle).

Examples for areas of operation in the Dessau-Roßlau region:

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  • Detective Agency for Bernburg/Saale (Salzlandkreis)
  • Detective Agency for Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Landkreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld)
  • Detective Agency for Coswig/Anhalt (Landkreis Wittenberg)
  • Detective Agency for Gräfenhainichen (Landkreis Wittenberg)
  • Detective Agency for Köthen/Anhalt (Landkreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld)
  • Detective Agency for Magdeburg
  • Detective Agency for Oranienbaum-Wörlitz (Landkreis Wittenberg)
  • Detective Agency for Raguhn-Jeßnitz (Landkreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld)
  • Detective Agency for Osternienburger Land (Landkreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld)
  • Detective Agency for Südliches Anhalt (Landkreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld)
  • Detective Agency for Wittenberg (Landkreis Wittenberg)
  • Detective Agency for Zerbst/Anhalt (Landkreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld)


*Please note: All operations of Kurtz Investigations Halle (Saale) are executed and billed from the Berliner Straße in Halle. The other operating cities and regions advertised on this domain are neither local branches nor permanent establishments of the Kurtz Detective Agency, if not explicitly stated differently. We can offer you affordable traveling expense flat-rates nationwide. The same applies for traveling to a wide range of areas abroad. When operating in the countryside, the cost evaluation starts from the next greater city. You can find further information on our fees here, and on operating areas here.